Edwin ‘Gizmo’ Loekemeijer


"I’m following your Moleskine-blog for a few months now and really enjoying
it. So here’s a small contribution from Holland. I use moleskines for notes and
for sketching. The small moleskines are especially handy for jotting down notes,
book-titles, poems, and randim stuff. The large ones I use for sketching. I’m a
bit a of a nostalgic; moleskines, classic literature, but also absinth ……I
thought it looked nice for a composition.

Here a pic from my Moleskines, my
copy of Bram Stokers Dracula and … a glass of Absinth.. I think Moleskines and
Absinth have the same ‘nostalgic’ feel of past times of the belle

I was unable to use a ‘real good”  absinth bottle like the Jade
Nouvelle-Orléans, so it’s a Pernod 68. Vincent van Gogh was besides a
moleskine user also an Absinth user."

Grtz from Holland

‘Gizmo’ Loekemeijer

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