“Honeymoon With My Brother”


"My brother and I just returned from a long trip. My honeymoon, actually. You
see, a funny thing happened on my way to the altar. My fiancée dumped me the
week of our wedding. Ouch, huh? But I’m an optimist. I didn’t panic (well, maybe
just a little). I decided to have a wedding anyway…just without a bride (highly
recommended, by the way — all the fun, no hideous bridal party

I also decided to go on a scheduled Costa Rican honeymoon with
my recently divorced brother, Kurt. We canceled the flower petals on the beds,
swapped champagne for beer and promised not to carry each other over any
thresholds. During the trip, a strange thing happened. I realized that having my
life turn upside-down might not be such a bad thing after all.

So, Kurt
and I decided to extend our honeymoon. Big time. We quit our jobs, sold our
homes, gave away our clothes and furniture, discarded cell phones and pagers (I
think Kurt used a nine iron on his). That was early 2000. Since then we’ve
honeymooned through nearly 60 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America,
Southeast Asia and Africa.

The result is a book called "Honeymoon With My
Brother", published by St. Martin’s Press…"

Franz  Wisner
"Honeymoon With My