How much is your Moleskine worth?


Morgaine: Lost and found?
Have you ever lost one of your notebooks? And if you did, did you get it back? Have you written your address in your notebook? How about a reward?
Stosh:  not yet 
i have never, [yet], lost a moleskine …i usually put my name & phone # in them …then where it has the line that says;”as a reward:$”, i write: ‘we’ll talk'”

How much is your notebook worth?

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26 Responses to How much is your Moleskine worth?

  1. devin says:

    i lost mine awhile ago. i put a name and an address in it, along with a reward of ‘100,000$’ as a joke to myself, since i never planned on losing it. it came back to me after a couple of months with no return address and a sticky note that said ‘found this on coalcreek walkway’

    thought id never see it again.

  2. Arne says:

    I wrote this in the ‘taking care’ thread, but repeat it in new thread that deals with this: I crossed out the $ signed and put in a ‘1 pint of Guiness’ reward. Like to think that if ever lost and returned by a nice individual that could lead to nice chat over a drink from the country of many famous writers…

  3. Ninth Wave says:

    I have started putting a small glassine envelope in the back pocket of my beloved Moles with enough postage stamps for their safe return. I make a note of this under the reward line (which BTW I list as “my eternal gratitude”).

  4. John says:

    Mine says:
    “$50 and a Hug” — though I only really mean the hug part:)

  5. Alex Mestas says:

    I list mine as $70 and I mean it. It’s not so much that there’s valuable information or great stories, I just don’t want anybody knowing my business.

  6. Mike says:

    Ninth Wave, that is an excellent idea. How much postage does a Moleskine need for US delivery?

    I don’t put a cash reward down. I don’t know how much I’d pay. Maybe $50 or $100 if it was a real critical notebook.

  7. Alex Coxe says:

    I usually leave it blank, but for my most recent I put “none, sorry” I’ll go back in my older 2 and write in “a pat on the back” and maybe “a hug”

  8. Ninth Wave says:

    Mike –

    Return postage would depend largely on how it is packaged, so I have $2.96 worth of stamps (8 letter size) to be on the generous side. Plus I keep interesting stamps in there since if they ever get used I know I will be getting them back.

  9. Bill says:

    US$10 (the cost of the notebook) plus postage. I also place a copyright notice in the front of each notebook. Just in case.

  10. Viv says:

    Never lost one for far but all my Moleskines say $25. However, if it came to ransom I’m afraid I’d pay that too. 😉

  11. Alex Coxe says:

    An idea could be price of the notebook + ~$0.05 per used page (including back?), kinda like tipping the waiter at a restaraunt. Price of the meal plus a little extra for his/her pocket.

  12. fixedgaerf says:

    I put $25. There is an emergency ten spot in the accordian folder and they can have that, too.

  13. Merlin Mann says:

    I feel like a huge dork that I swiped yr fine idea. I hope you can forgive me. 🙁

  14. Really, its no problem Sir. ^_^

  15. Pete L. says:

    About one month ago I lost one of my Moleskine notebooks which was about 60% full. Oddly enough, I was on my way to purchase a new Moleskine, and on the way out of the store, I forgot to zip up the front pouch of my sling bag. That evening, as I was sitting around I went for my notebook to jot down a few ideas. After searching everywhere, I realized that I’d lost it. It must have fallen out of my bag and hit the ground. I was very upset, but ultimately, I just started taking notes in my new one. I do write my name and contact information in my Moleskines, but this one hasn’t been returned. I believe the reward message in the lost notebook offered a meal and a beer and some comic books. For my new one, I simply wrote down a reward of $20. Perhaps one day it will be.

  16. Brian Page says:

    Haven’t lost one yet, however I put $100 in the reward line. It would be worth it to have it back, my daily one that I carry everywhere has maybe 6months of info in it.

  17. A tangible and feasable offer: lunch and coffee.

  18. Jose says:

    I put “$25 USD + S/H” and I mean it. I like the idea of placing enough postage on the back cover folder, and might do so.

  19. Jason paul says:

    I put fifty buck and I mean it….I jot down script Ideas down and my seven year old loves to leave me surprise drawings inside.

  20. El Toozero says:

    I’ve got a couple favorites:
    Peace of mind.
    An ally.
    The antidote.

  21. Adam S says:

    Ah well of course its in $ which isn’t very handy. I list mine at £5 ($10) as Im a student and thats quite alot but I wouldn’t expect someone to actually want the reward.

  22. Sophie Brown says:

    The thing is though, you have to think, not how much is the notebook worth to YOU, but what is a reasonable figure for an average person to call you on the phone and tell you they have it? Which isn’t the same proposition. You shouldn’t feel you’re buying back your own property…Think about it!

  23. Paul L says:

    I’ve put a £10 note and a book of stamps in the back pocket, both useful in an emergency, but also to more than cover the cost of returning it. My note at the front says to keep the £10 and the rest of the stamp.

    I kind of figure that most people will return it because most people are decent, but this way saves the awkward situation of rewards, and doesn’t feel like I’m paying someone to return my things to me.

    Also, this makes it easy for them to return. I like the idea of keeping a small envelope in there as well, I think I’ll have to do that.

  24. Marie Germaine says:

    I put $40

    although this is fake since I can’t afford that anyways 😉

    But I put my e-mail address instead of the address.
    just in case, the guy who picks it up is a freak and robs my house.
    If they are really interested in giving it back they’ll email me and Then I’ll send my address.

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