How the Moleskine Rocked My World

Omar_and_jack_t"At first I was worried that I would have a hard time integrating analog and digital. However, what I have found (likeBrian Johnson) was that I became a better OneNote user. I love OneNote, but because it was so easy to create sections, pages and the like my Notebook had this crazy complicated taxonomy that I could never figure out myself.

When you start using paper again, you are limited by some fairly
basic things. One you write you can’t erase, when a page is full it
can’t be moved, and you can’t search your notes with a computer.
However, this isn’t so bad, as this is how I did things for most of my
life and it tended to work fine. Digital has introduced so many options
that I never knew how to use them. Some of the things I have noticed
doing the past few days are:

  • I like taking notes in my Moleskine at work. I am not distracted by
    Outlook, and I can focus on the meeting rather than bury my head in my
  • I transfer important work items like next actions to Outlook at some point, and then cross them off.
  • When I am using OneNote to take notes, I mark Next Actions using
    the Todo flag, and when the meeting is done, or I am finished taking
    notes, I send these tasks to Outlook from OneNote.
  • I take all notes from my One on Ones in my Large Moleskine.
  • I keep the number of sections and folders in OneNote to a minimum.
  • I separate a Work and Personal section in OneNote.
  • My personal stuff is mostly in my Pocket Moleskine since that’s
    what I have the easiest access to at home, on the weekends etc. It
    doesn’t run out of batteries and doesn’t require that I boot it up.

So the bottom line is that I use a mix of my Large Moleskine and
OneNote at work. I like to think on paper, and take notes in some
meetings (the ones where I am learning new stuff), and use it for
ideas. Stuff that is actionable I move to Outlook later. I use OneNote
for all my other Meeting Notes, as well as putting small snippets of
reference data and such."

Omar Shahine

Our apologies for posting an incorrect photo of Mr. Shahine earlier.


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