Iraqi Indigo – A Pendemonium Exclusive!

"We will introduce Iraqi Indigo, the latest Noodler’s Ink, at the Los Angeles Pen Show February 19-20. If you’re planning on attending the LA Pen Show, drop by our exhibit and be one of the first to own a bottle of Iraqi Indigo Ink! Available exclusively from Pendemonium.

Available for delivery late February!"


"Iraqi Indigo is a deep violet and contains the special Noodler’s
cellulose reactive dyes so that once dry on paper, it is permanent and

" I have attached an image of an ink (from this web site: ) that is waterproof and UV light proof,
and thus will last a very long time on any document it is written upon – and it
is feather resistant on MOLESKINE papers!  It was made in celebration of the
recent events in Iraq – the first free elections in Mesopotamia/the Fertile
Crescent in 5,000 years.  It is the only ink being made worldwide in celebration
of the recent Iraqi elections.  The color is based upon a sample of the Iraqi ID
ink and the following quote from President Bush:

Thu Feb 24 2005 11:51:42 ET

a packed Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, President Bush
today hailed images of "jubilant Iraqis dancing in the streets last month,
holding up ink-stained fingers."

"In recent times, we have witnessed
landmark events in the history of liberty: A Rose Revolution in Georgia, an
Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and now, a Purple Revolution in Iraq."

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Noodlers Fountain Pen Ink

11 thoughts on “Iraqi Indigo – A Pendemonium Exclusive!

  1. This “Iraqi Indigo Ink” product sickens me. I can’t believe that Noodler’s would produce it, and I can’t believe that Moleskinerie would promote it.

    Bush’s war in Iraq is an ongoing travesty. The “elections” to install a puppet government there are hardly worth celebrating.

    Seriously I’m very disappointed.

  2. One fears that it is the very notion of democratic elections that Mr. Tate finds sickening.

    Or does he really believe that millions of Iraqi voters risked their lives (some actually dying in terrorist attacks on election day) to vote in a “puppet” government?

    But enough politics! The real question is: just when should we use permanent purple ink as opposed to, say, blue?

  3. This ink is of questionable taste.

    “Victory over terrorism” there were no links between the Iraqi regime and terrorism in the global arena.

    Why does an Iraqi ink have a US flag and MAde in the USA on it’s label?

    This is somebody cashing in and profiting from the situation along with many larger US Corporations.

    I use Noodlers ink but may think twice about buying it again.

    If it was at least made in Iraq or in someway benefitting those there it wouldn’t be so bad.

  4. There were too links between the Saddam regime and global terrorism — unless of course little things like subsidizing the mass murder of Jews by human bombs doesn’t count.

    The election itself was a victory over terrorists who were attempting to stop it.

    Noodler’s does not claim that their Iraqi Indigo is an “Iraqi ink” in the sense that it is actually made in Iraq — any more than Girl Scout cookies are advertised as actually being made out of Girl Scouts.

    As I recall, Crayola bowed to P.C. forces some years ago and changed the name of their “Indian Red” crayon color because folks complained that it was intended to be an American Indian skin color — even though (if memory serves) the title referred to INDIA and had nothing to do with skin pigmentation. (I suppose some kids used it for that anyway when drawing Indians!)

    Would purple make a good signature color?

  5. Hooray for Noodlers!

    Q: Which “blue” most closely matches their Black for permanence, water proof, UV, lack of feathering, drying time, etc.etc.etc?

    In other words, I want *everything* that’s in the black… only in blue. (While I’m not picky on shade of blue, my preference leans towards darker, which probably won’t be a problem)

    I’m thinking Legal-Lapis, but wanted to get opinions from anyone who’s maybe used both Orginal Black, and Legal-Lapis??


  6. I’m using Noodler’s Black and the Legal Lapis. They’re about the same on the criteria you listed, particularly the first three.

    HOWEVER — Keep in mind that paper, nib size, and humidity all affect factors such as feathering, drying time, and bleed-through. You can get good or bad results in these qualities with any ink, or with the same ink under different circumstances (including from one day to the next with the same pen, ink, and paper).

    Variability is part of the experience and charm of life, including f.p. use. Embrace the results and be happy with what you get!

  7. Like some other commentators on your site, I find your naming of this product to be in extremely poor taste. It remains to be seen if any single Iraqi is better off as a result of the Western invasion, evil as Saddam is. What is in little question is that every US citizen is in greater danger as a result of George W. Bush’s actions.
    Alan Pavy

  8. Alan Pavy babbled:

    “It remains to be seen if any single Iraqi is better off as a result of the Western invasion…”

    You’re right. Free elections and democracy are overrated and the “invasion” hasn’t helped anyone. Let’s reinstall Saddam, a power-hungry, bloody-handed dictator and thus improve the lives of the Iraqi people. Excellent idea.

    The only thing that’s “sickening” is the fact that some of you people have become so blinded by your twisted form of political-correctness that you can no longer distinguish between good and evil.

    I’m not a big fan of purple ink, but kudos to Noodlers. I may have to buy a bottle just to irk the likes of Pavy and his kind.

  9. We have heard most of your views on this issue. Thanks for your thoughts. Time to move on. Please contact the product manufacturer for any concerns or queries:

    P.O. Box 447
    Fort Madison, Iowa 52627-0447
    Toll Free: 888-372-2050
    Voice: 319-372-0881 Fax: 319-372-0882

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