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Jetpens_logo_1"What are Hi-Tec-C pens?

This is not your average pen.

Japanese pens are highly sought after in the US. They are very difficult to
find, and are normally available only in stationery stores in countries such as
Japan, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia.

With Hi-Tec-C pens, you’re not just
taking notes, you’re having a writing experience. Pick up one of these pens and
try it – you’ll be hooked. The super thin points allow for a precision unheard
of with those thick, unwieldy pens found at office stores.

Does your
writing require a pencil? Try the new .25 Hi-Tec-C pens! They are so thin they
write like mechanical pencils, yet write smoother, cleaner, and the ink doesn’t
smudge like pencil lead does. P_pihi50bpz

Are you an artist? Hi-Tec-C pens
contain a gel based ink that is insoluble with most pigments when dry (so they
won’t bleed). Take detail to another level with a pen that cares about
perfection just as much as you do.

Hi-Tec-C fans immediately recognize
the brilliant design of these pens. Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens are available in .25mm,
0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm sizes and in a variety of colors. Join the club of
Hi-Tec-C fanatics! We take our writing seriously."

Jet Pens

14 thoughts on “Jet Pens

  1. I guess I’m not quite awake yet. Anyway, on the mere suggestion of “cool new pens” I ordered some. Okay. A bunch. At least one of each of the different tip sizes. D’oh. I’ll report in when the pens arrive and I’ve had a chance to field test them.

    I think I’ll go have some coffee now before I see an online article about diamond mines or semitrucks for sale…

  2. Back when I was a young budding amateur sketcher I used to love using 0.1 point technical pens. I was always raiding the drafting section of the art store. Been a long time. I’m intrigued as to the quality and am going to be ordering some of these as well for a test run.

    Leads like this make me really appreciate the Moleskinerie site.

  3. Is this an advertisement stuck in the middle of a blog? A blogvertisement? If not, someone has been writing way to much marketing material.

  4. This post is an excerpt from the seller’s webpage. Call it what you want but I have not received any payment for this or any other post so far and if I ever do, it will be disclosed.

  5. Bad man! Bad bad bad man!

    I received the Hi-Tech-C pens in the mail today. I can’t believe I ever allowed myself to order them. They are my new *must haves.* The smallest size, .25 mm, is uncreduble for tiny drawung. It looks like tht old 6/0’s I used from Khoinor back in the day.

    So now I have to go get another sketchbook, one that will just be tiny sketches. The pens are great.


  6. My pens arrived today, too. They’re nice, but not really that big a deal, at least to me. Then again, I’m a big fan of the 0.7 G2.

    My impressions:

    * The thinner points are very scratchy unless you write tiny. But, it’s rather cool that you can write tiny with a gel pen. This should be very handy for things like labelling drawings (and perhaps writing grocery lists for mice).

    * The ink flow is smooth and the ink supply is nearly the length of the pen, so I hope to have these pens around for a while.

    * The ink, even from the 0.5 points, does not smear, which makes for a nice change.

    * The grip area, body, and cap are all very generic plastic. A nice feature is that the tip size and a representation of the color of the ink are present on the top of the cap — handy if you’re looking for the 0.4 blue black pen, not the 0.25 black pen.

    * I would recommend giving the “yellow ocher” a pass, as it’s lighter than the color sample (at least on my monitor), and it’s hard to read. “Khaki” is a little lighter, too, but quite legible, and actually a color closer to what I would term yellow ocher. The other colors I ordered seem true to the color swatches.

    * Of my order, my favorite is the 0.5 brown pen, but then I’ve already admitted to usually tending towards broader tips. 0.4s seem pretty good, too. 0.3 is where I noticed some scratchiness, and surprise surprise, 0.25s are very scratchy, but you can write haiku for crickets, the tip is so small. I’ll probably experiment with drawing with the 0.25s to see how that goes.

    Overall, they’re nice, but I’m not ready to join a cult following. However, your mileage may vary. 🙂

  7. I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if anyone knows if the Hi-Tec-C ink is acid-free? I bought several from Jet Pens including the Cavalier version which came with a small brochure. It said the pens contained “biopolymer ink” which I have not found on Google.

  8. can you buy pilot hi-tech-c 0.3 archival ink metal tip in australia if so can you please let me know

  9. gvstationary-
    You can always order them from either or they will ship internationally. These are the only two sites I have found that sell the hi-tec-c’s. I’ve ordered from both, and they both have fast shipping, and I can say jetpens has excellent customer service when I had a question about combining a new order with an existing one(I don’t know about jpens- I didn’t have to contact them.)

  10. Order on eBay. Much cheaper. i bought 12 of these pens and customised the colour for US 23 dollars in total. great deal! the ebay seller’s name is Wubear (and with some numbers, i can’t really remember). hope it helps!

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