I was finally able to get some good pictures of the cardboard cases I put together a few weeks past.  My motivation for these came when I was breaking down a number of Moleskine cardboard display cases that had accumulated over the past few months.  They each had a nice flat piece of cardboard with a pre-printed header specific to the notebook style, so I decided to try to make a box to protect my diary and notebook.

The first two pictures are of the box I made for my pocket size daily diary.  The printed header is functioning as the flap, with Velcro buttons holding it closed.  The second picture shows the open box with my diary.



This picture is of a pocket size classic notebook and box.  This shows
the Velcro closure clearer than the pictures above, and gives some sense of the
general design of the box.


Putting that box together made me wonder how I could also incorporate space to carry a pen with my notebook.  After a couple of trials I came up with this design: the first picture shows the back of the box with my G2 pen clipped inside.


This next picture shows the contents of the box, with the front view of the
box closed.


Here you can see how the pen tucks under the lid, just above the notebook
inside the box.


I am not entirely sure why I was motivated to make these (part of the M
sickness, perhaps?), but I had a good time!  They will work to keep my
notebook from getting too beat up in my backpack, which is a plus.
Lisa Laughy
NinthWave Designs


13 thoughts on “Mboxes

  1. a very unique and practical idea. i to share the passion and i would love to incorporate this idea. where did ever find the boxes can i get them from my local bookstore.

  2. John -The cardboard I use is from the counter-top display cases that come with the notebooks. I have so many because I sell Moleskines, and I get a display box with each case. You could try asking your local retailer to save the empty boxes to get the printed header.

    Joy – I will put the elves to work on these right away (Wait a minute! I don’t have any elves!). I was just having a little fun, but I can try putting some together and see how mass production goes. Thanks for the encouragement! – Lisa

  3. Which reminds me, I need to go out and get a pack of new G2’s. I love the Mboxes, wouldn’t mind having one myself. How much larger are these than the notebooks themself? Will it still manage to fit into the Average Joe’s pocket?

  4. Alex –

    The smallest of them, the last one pictured above without the built-in pen holder, has the following dimensions: 5¾” x 3¾” x 1″
    This ends up being a bit larger than the pocket size notebook kept inside; ¼” to ½” all-around.

    The question is then, what’s the average size of and Average Joe’s pocketses?

  5. Beautiful set up you’ve got with the box —

    question, though: what journal is that, daily 2005 pocket?
    It looks quite a bit more massive than 200-odd sheets — or am I mistaken?

    //Great site, I’m a big fan.

  6. My current pockets can fit 3/4 of a large sketch Moleskine, not to mention the 2 pens and iPod headphones also in that pocket. Hard to give a pocket a size without giving it something to relate to. So I think as long as it’s somewhere inbetween the size of the pocket M and the large M, it should fit fairly nicely. Whether it fits in my pocket or not, I still want one.

  7. The box is cute, but how practical is it? A better choice (in my opinion) is the pouch that Ninth Wave provides in their Gift Set.

    RoadWired has their large technical pouch (6″x4″x3″) on sale for $14.97. It’s black nylon, you can hang it on your belt or stash it in whatever bag you carry. It has pen clips plus room for whatever else you need to carry. http://www.roadwired.com/store/Product.cfm?Productid=13

    (No, I don’t work for Ninth Wave or for RoadWired. I just like well-designed, *practical and useful* products. Cardboard boxes? — feh!)


  8. J – Yes, the second picture down is a pocket daily diary. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get the Classic notebooks in this double-thick size?!

    Bill – Thanks for the plug for the Moleskine case! Yes I agree, Cordura beats out cardboard any day for durability. I would not recommend the Mbox for any overly rough handling (i.e., backpacking). Nor would it be suitable for long-term storage, as the cardboard is not acid-free. But I can see this looking sharp on the table next to your latte & iPod while journaling at the cafe. 😉

    These were put together mainly for my own entertainment, and are evidence of the sad state of my social life. (Also, I can attest to the truth of the fact that Bill is not my employee!) Enjoy – Lisa

  9. Lisa, do you suppose your social life would improve if you didn’t hang out in coffee shops wielding an Exacto knife and humming selections from Sweeny Todd, as you sit there making practice cuts in pasteboard boxes?

    I notice you only have 11 of the gift sets listed in your store. Any thoughts about what happens next with the Moleskine cases? Additional colors, selling them without the notebooks, etc.? Just being nosey^H^H^H^H^Hcurious …


  10. Bill –

    Actually, I think my social life would improve greatly if I only HAD a cafe to hang out in! In the wilds of northern NH we have to make our own fun – thus the sharp knives and other Moleskine hacks. And for the record, I vastly prefer “How to Succeed in Business. . .” to Sweeny Todd; it’s more on task 😉

    I am working on a listing for the cases alone, but it will be a few days before it goes live. Email me directly and I will give you pricing & availability. I am trying to get these in good old basic black (you know, for evening wear), but for now they are just available in the tan color shown in the Traveler listing. The 11 is now 10, but more are on the way! Thanks – Lisa

  11. Northern NH? Too cold for me! Texas is about right — warm (mostly) and NO SNOW.

    Looking at your site, I wonder if you have heard of my sister — Carol Farr. She is an art historian, specializing in The Book of Kells (one book of her own on Kells was published several years ago, another one is in the works now).

    I’ll email you about the cases. Besides black, yellow, forest green, navy, or red might be good colors. Or two-tone cases (with the piping a contrasting color). Give Modo & Modo a cut of each sale and they might let you reproduce their trademark lettering as a stencil on the cases (premium pricing for those?).

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