Onion Boy


"I am happy to provide what meager support I can in the hope that it brings aid
to one life and while it may or may not bring about a story book ending I hope
that it makes the journey along the way happier and healthier. For my part I
pray that I may become a more generous person. I no longer have anything else to
say regarding my choice to sponsor a child. I am not at all interested in a
theological debate. I am not up for it. I want to live in peace. ::thrive!"


World Vision Canada

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Onion Boy

  1. O says:

    Whoa, was I surprised to find my Molskine here? Yes, but pleased. Mainly because it further raises the awareness of World Vision and the need to continue to sponsor kids around the globe. Of course, it’s pretty cool to be numbered among so many great journals and creative souls. By the way, for anyone interested, the sketch seen here went on to become a full colour version on the very same pages. It can be viewed here

    Keep up the great Moleskinerie and thrive!, O

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