Sterling Truffle Bar ©

Hazelnut_carBecause man can’t live on Moleskine alone:

"Double Hazelnut Caramel

A striking, hand-painted truffle with contrasting
tiers of milk chocolate flavored with rich hazelnut puree, white chocolate
infused with caramel, dark chocolate and a hint of ground hazelnut."

Rockyroad"Rocky Road

A distinctive abstract grid of green, yellow, red and
white stripes enhanced with a filling of milk and white chocolate, almonds,
marshmallows and a hint of vanilla."

Cappu_liq"Cappuccino Liqueur with a Twist

An artfully hand-painted truffle filled
with the mingling flavors of milk chocolate, coffee-infused white chocolate,
dark chocolate, coffee liqueur and a subtle finish of lemon."

Sterling Truffle Bar ©