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Tool_1"I  bought mine out of a need to get organized and keep reminders and
phone numbers on me at all times. In addition, I find keeping a
notebook on me helps keep my imagination well-lubricated, as if my mind
is more inclined to play around if I give it a place to record new
ideas. So I’ve spent the day "hacking" mine into an expanded version of
Merlin’s Hipster PDA.
First, I added some tabs to divide the pages into sections. Then I took
some 3×5 plain index cards and rubber-banded them to the inside front
cover (to-do lists, and disposable notes — that way I don’t have to
tear out a page). I then numbered all the odd-numbered pages. In the
back pocket, I slipped a 3×5 card that contains all the phone numbers I
need on a regular basis. Finally, I removed the bare essentials from my
wallet (ID, debit card, insurance cards, receipts) and tucked them into
the pocket. So it’s a notebook, contact list, reminder list, and wallet
all rolled into one. A Personal Analog Assistant.

I carry one
hell of a lot of crap with me on a daily basis, and I’m always on the
lookout for ways to carry more tools in less space. Ideally, I’d have a
wallet (or maybe one of these), keys (for work, three keyrings), pen, pocket knife, leather change
pouch (no, it’s not a purse, so shut up), pocket dictionary (I tried
the "dictionary hack"
on Moleskinerie, but the result was too bulky for me), and my flash
drive. I even have a pocket-sized brass compass and sundial that I love
to carry, but it’s been shoved aside by more necessary utensils."

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