Van Gogh Crystal


"All the new Van Gogh fit the new crescent clip, with enamelled
Visconti’s logo – as well as the Wall Street and the Opera series.

Mini and Maxi fountain pens have palladium plated grip, with a
decorated band with the logo engraved in geometrical background.

The Maxi fountain pen is converter filled, with large two-tone 14 kt nib."


[Thanks J.C.]

5 thoughts on “Van Gogh Crystal

  1. Sweet looking but scary because when you go to the site you have to click a link that says, “Ask for prices” and an email form pops up. Oh boy, anything where I have to ask for prices is a thing I know is going to be beyond my range. These little notebooks are costly enough as it is 🙂

    I bought my fountain pens at a great price and have been very pleased with the quality. There is no referral program but if you end up buying from them when you place your order maybe you’d give me a mention as the one you heard about them from…well, you never know…

  2. The Visconti maxi fountain pen from this website is 180 euros– that’s the most expensive one. The others are less.

  3. Considering the Visconti Four Seasons fountain pen ran a cool $13,500, I may avoid the Visconti line. I’ll stick with my $20 Lamy, my $60 Expert fountain pen, or when I go broke, my favorite old Pilot G2.

  4. I thought this was supposed to be a blog with some useful information. Who amoung the contributors is recommending these pens and why?

  5. It is I, the owner of this personal blog who decided to post this suggested link here because I found it informative. Unless indicated, these postings are not paid advertisement.

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