What Astrology Can Do For You

Asl"I had my first astrological chart done
professionally in 1981 and I continue to take advantage of updated readings,
known as progressed charts, every two years or so. I find the information
helpful and accurate, and it allows me to work more consciously with what I call
the energy of the universe as it comes through me. As a result, I’ve been more
empowered when difficult or negative events have happened to me. Instead of
feeling like a helpless victim, I’ve been able to take the stance that the event
happened for a reason and was ultimately for my own good, even if it didn’t feel
like it at the time. That’s because knowing what your natal chart looks like and
learning how different planets affect your houses as they pass through them can
give you a sense of the big picture and the reasons the picture looks the way it

For example, I once had a reading which
"told" me that I was going to experience a betrayal of some sort from a medical
colleague and that this was going to happen as a way to strengthen my sense of
conviction about my work. When I was later reported to my state medical board by
a disgruntled and frightened general surgeon for offering our mutual patient an
alternative to surgery, I was able to understand that the reason was bigger than
I was. As a result of my prior astrological reading, I was not as terrified as I
might have been.

And although the entire situation was
very painful and difficult for me an though it brought up every doubt I’d ever
had about my work, I emerged from the process stronger and more empowered than
ever before. I came to see that my "betrayer" had contributed significantly to
my personal growth — so much so that in the end I was actually grateful for the
whole thing."

How Astrology Can Help You Create Health Daily
by Dr. Christiane Northrup

3 thoughts on “What Astrology Can Do For You

  1. I had my astrology chart done by a naked guru type guy 24 years ago. I had always been fascinated by ‘people and what made them tick’ and this sent my Scorpio detective like nature into overdrive.
    Learning about myself in such an incredible way hooked me in, so much at the age of 21 I learned astrology and then over the years did more courses to give me the opportunity to practice as an astrologer. I don’t do it professionally at the moment but I think for anyone wanting to know their ins and outs and whyfores it is an absolute treasure chest. Don’t worry how it works, it does work. Leave the questions up to quantum physics!

  2. I though that this web site was for “moleskinerie – legends and other stories”.
    As there’s not a moleskine reference I suppose it comes under the “legends” section!?

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