WMP #17 João Tito


WMP #17

João Tito

Special thanks to our donors.


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View the scans at " Journey", the WMP Gallery hosted by  Joachim du Beleg.

LAST CALL for those wishing to join the project. Email Joy Rothke to be included on the list on or before this Sunday, February 20th.


I’d like to take a moment to introduce ALEX
COXE, our new Admin/Intern here at Moleskinerie. At 15 he is one of the youngest
Moleskine users I know. Alex has helped manage a sizeable anime-oriented
online community prior to joining us. He is from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia
and aspires to become graphic designer.

Welcome to M, Alex!   

Finally, for those of us who can’t make it, a QTVR of The Gates.


Enjoy the weekend everyone! See you on Monday.

4 thoughts on “WMP #17 João Tito

  1. Here http://loosewire.typepad.com/blog/2005/01/the_moleskine_v.html a comment reads “Yes, you’re buying a brand, albeit one with a faked backstory, which makes people who buy into Modo e Modo’s propaganda pretty naive. Jeremy was very good at puncturing this mythos: and I don’t find it particularly ‘dignified’ to name-drop Van Gogh and Hemingway (or even Chatwin, given that ‘le vrai moleskine’ of French origin is extinct).

    And like the Mont Blanc fountain pen, the revived Moleskine has lots of dodgy design issues (not least a choice of paper that doesn’t cope well with FP ink).

    That said, if the Moleskine points people towards better journals and notebooks, such as those made by Clairefontaine or the great Florentine binders, it’s done something right.”

    As a new Moleskine user {images on my own blog} I am interested in these claims as who likes a fake and who wouldn’t want better quality paper at cheaper prices {though I am pleased with the Moleskine in every way, except perhaps its inflated price}. ::thrive!, O

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome and the not-so-flattering picture of myself. I’m very honored to become such a serious part of the Moleskinerie family. I take precious care of each of my Moleskine notebooks and plan on giving Moleskinerie the exact same care as I do my notebooks. Thanks again, Armand.

  3. Whoa! An intern @ Moleskinerie? How much does he get? I’d do it for free Moleskine. Anywho, welcome to the crazy world of Da Notebook, buddy.

  4. I’ve been in this crazy world for a while now. I first met Armand back in April of ’04 I think it was. No pay for me yet and I don’t expect it. I’m in it for the fun, not to mention Armand sent me my first 2 Moleskines, 1 large sketch and 1 large squared. Thanks for the welcome!

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