Wrapping Collage


"I gave a pocket Moleskine away today as a birthday gift and as I
was pondering the wrapping process of the gift and I ended up simply
making my own Moleskine themed wrapping paper.  Piecing together some
odds and ends, I put together a one page letter sized sheet that when
printed landscape ended up fitting a pocket Moleskine perfectly.  I
can’t keep it to myself so I hope someone can make use of it also…"

Just a thought. 
Neil .A. Rickenback

Please email Neil for the file.

3 thoughts on “Wrapping Collage

  1. I’m sorry guys, if the picture on the site is too small for you to use, please email me and I’d be glad to send you the original. Please note that the picture file is rather large. Oooops


  2. Hey guys, thanks for your grand response to this post. For further requests of the wrapping paper file, please send me a note at: mnmdgod@gmail.com as I have changed my personal email address.

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