You could buy a Moleskine.

Snappy"Something about this didn’t sit quite right with me, because I think that
writing is indeed a fine tool for self-exploration. It nagged at me until I read
Eric Meyer’s take on the issue:

Blogging about little Johnny’s poopy diapers, or Susie’s
apparently sourceless temper tantrums, is in no sense of the word necessary. It
isn’t even needed, either by you or by the rest of us. If you absolutely must
write down your thoughts and feelings about how hard it is to be a parent, do so
in a private journal. Fifteen years from now, you can decide whether or not to
give it to your child, and if you do, they can decide what to do with it. But
don’t throw it out into the world as if it were a list of your favorite movies.
That’s unnecessarily cruel.

Ah-ha! That’s it! Many people write for self-exploration, but feel no need to
inflict it on others in public! That’s what I was thinking! People, didn’t home
movies teach us anything? All this stuff is going to be good for is embarrassing
your child later on in front of their boy/girlfriends. I think that one of Julie
Leung’s commenters said what’s really going on here best:

I blog because I type faster than I can write by hand. And I
like how my site looks so far. And because I feel hip doing this thing online
rather than having a journal. :)"

Snappy The Clam

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