Fenwick Rysen

"The Phoenix Rising"

" This is the finished sketch (or a version of it) on the inside cover of one of
my Moleskine journals (Meme Journal Volume II), the one that lives perpetually
in the hip pocket of my fatigues. I’ve been doing these sketches for years; they
evolve over days or weeks or, in this case, months. They go in fits and spurts
is inspiration or idle moments dictate. They’re a style of abstract art that I
do in odd moments to give my mind a break from its overly rational left-brained
operation. The sketch just flows. It grows and evolves. It may yet grow into
something more, but this is a snapshot of at least one finished version; someone
commented it looked like a phoenix but I didn’t see it until I looked at it
weeks later and agreed. I normally draw these just for my own amusement (often
on scrap paper) but I’ve decided I should start capturing some of these."

Fenwick Rysen
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[via Leslie Russell]

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