I have a fetish


"Here’s a little-known fact about me: I have a fetish for office supplies. When
I am near a Staples or an Office Depot, I feel a palpable urge to go in and paw
notebooks, calendars, pens, and the like. I particularly enjoy going to the pen
department and reviewing the latest selection of Uniballs, gel-ink pens,
disposable fountain pens, mechanical pencils, blister packs of pens in assorted
colors (I love green pens!), pocket-size pens, pressurized space pens, Sharpies,
and other devices for delivering pigment to paper.

Notebooks, too, have
always been fascinating to me. For a while, I started carrying a spiral notebook
in my shoulder bag that was supposed to be my "do-everything" notebook. I took
pleasure in yanking it out and writing down phone numbers, sketches, and drunken
epiphanies. The idea that the notebook could serve as a running record of my
life, haphazard but all-inclusive, was really attractive to me. I like the idea
of its corners getting battered by time and usage. But it was too big to carry
around except in my bag, so it was necessarily incomplete. Drunken epiphanies
that occurred to me at times when I was bagless went unrecorded. The notebook
fell into disuse, and my mind again became a junkyard into which ideas stumbled,
spent a few days lollygagging around, and then departed unnoticed."

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