A Deaf Guy’s Take

Leevalleyeverymanjournal"It feels good to write at all. Writers love writing; they’re drawn
to the empty page like moths to a flickering flame. However, nothing
makes a writer feel as good as when they finally find their pen and their paper.  With the right pen and paper, the joy in writing becomes much more than the sum of the component parts.

I’ve been looking for years for the right pen and the right paper for me.  It was seeming like a fruitless and expensive task.

I ordered a Moleskine notebook and while I can appreciate why some
people like these, it just was not right for me. It’s a decently put
together notebook for sure, but the pages seemed just a little too thin
and the binding just a little too insubstantial. It was better than the
standard higher-than-school-quality loose leaf sheet paper I was using,
but it wasn’t quite perfect.

So I continued to search, while
using the Moleskine, and stumbled across a site that sold Journals.
These ones looked substantial. They offered more pages than the
Moleskine (I tend to write in a single location, so portability was not
a huge deciding factor for me) and they just looked better."

A Deaf Guy’s Take

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3 thoughts on “A Deaf Guy’s Take

  1. i love my M. i use watercolour paint, chaulk pastel, all manner of pencils, and a fountain pen. haven’t had problems with drying time or bleed. i should note that all that stands in the notebook {thinner pages} not only the sketch book. see through is minimal even with the use of the kind of medium i have mentioned. i use my M for writing as well as art.

    the binding is beautiful in that even on the first and final pages you can fold it 100% flat – great for drawing and painting.

    gald we’ve both found what works best for us. ::thrive!, O

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