Amicus Consuasor


"I have a pathalogical fear of being sued. As a consultant I kept
hearing stories of how a client would end up hating what the consulting
firm had done and decide to sue them for damages. Ever since I heard
these stories, I decided to keep detailed written records of every
client meeting I ever had and keep them carefully in the event I got
dragged to some courthouse some where.

problem with keeping notes is that you need a book that’s sturdy enough
to last for say, five to ten years. The floppy little Mead notebooks
won’t really cut it. Lab books are better, but the hardboard is hardly
hard and the ink just seeps through the pages if you use a felt tip or
rollerball pen.

On a trip to Belgium I found some really nice
notebook by a company called Claire Fontaine. I bought about a dozen of
those and went through them in about a year.

Then I read about the Moleskine books…"

Zinodog Beacons

[Image: foutugraphe @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR]

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2 thoughts on “Amicus Consuasor

  1. Clairefontaine is a french (or belgian) paper maker. The Clarefontaine paper is one of the best you can find for school cahiers and sheets, I’ve used it since I was a little kid. Of course, regular paper is cheaper, but I love the Clairefontaine paper…

  2. The consultants that are on a five year, $500 million project where I work are generally recent college graduates. They are usually too busy working like galley slaves to keep many notes. They don’t just give us bad advice, they make sure we can’t implement it without them.

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