Creative Writing Workshop in Paris


Here’s an email from our friend, travel writer Rolf Potts:

For all of you who are interested in studying creative writing in France this
summer, I’ll be co-teaching an intensive writing workshop at the Paris
American Academy from July 2nd through the 28th.  The school is located in
the Latin Quarter, classes are in English, and college credit is available. 
Tuition includes shared housing in Paris for the duration of the

My classes will include travel writing, fiction, and creative
nonfiction. HBO alum Stewart Lindh will teach screenwriting, performance and
short form. Harvard teaching fellow Gail Gardner will teach journal

For full course information, surf

To receive an application,
send an email to

I hope to see you in France this



2 thoughts on “Creative Writing Workshop in Paris

  1. I read the text. (I envision studying in Paris to be a far better experience than that month in Italy to study art. Never go to Florence in July!) I see flashes of classrooms and the no-doubt brilliant things these instructors would inspire me to write. I almost manage to picture slipping away from my job to go do this and then…reality. I see my fellow students and they’re college kids who don’t want to discuss anything with me. I see my rusty creative writing skills being derided in multiple languages. I see myself stranded in yet another country where I don’t speak the language, brought nearly to tears with the frustration of just ordering lunch. And, most importantly, I see the balance in my checking account floating above my head like one of those thought bubbles that say “YIKES!” just before the cartoon coyote falls off the cliff.


  2. is there a creative writing program for the fall semester? I’m hoping to move to france for the duration of 5 months (starting at the end of august) and would love to take a creative writing class while I’m there.

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