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"I spent a minute or two yesterday organizing the Moleskine display at Barnes
& Noble. Just like I still do with Macs whenever I see them in stores, I
made sure everything was in the right place. Instead of cleaning up desktops and
getting demos running again, however, I was making sure all of the different
varieties were clearly visible and grouped together. Someone had mixed in clever
knock-offs and I wanted to also make sure these were shelved separately from the
real-deal Moleskines. Even though I’m nowhere near filling up mine, I even
stashed away a squared large notebook behind a stack of furry pink journals. I
figure the obnoxious fur should keep my future notebook safely hidden for a few
weeks to come…"

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Image: LeftLoft

I read a post on someone’s blog last week lamenting  the ripped wrappers,  lost sleeves and swiped stickers on Moleskine at Borders.  That’s like getting a New York Times Sunday without The Magazine. Thanks Leslie for the tip.

Updated 3.3.05


"Today I was in our store and Izzy’s message rang and it took me 15 minutes to pull out stocks, arrange by types, clean up the dirts etc, just want to share that 15 minutes result"

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10 thoughts on “It’s all about love

  1. Hahha, I wish somebody does this to our stores in Hong Kong too. Now our shelf is full of Moleskine varieties and customer tend to be very very messy even though we try to clean up, in 5 minutes after we clean up, the shelf becomes a complete mess again, during peak hour. Anyway, it is a retailer’s job to clean up but it would be nice to meet some great customer.

  2. Izzy: Want to stop by my house later? I have a few closets that could use a little help 😉 Has anyone ever said anything to you as you do this or do they assume that you are the Moleskine rep?

  3. ::drools::

    Izzy, that is an amazing stand…

    Where I live, down here in the South of the US (it’s hard for me, I’m Canadian), I don’t think there are that many Moleskines in all the book stores in my town and the next two over – and certainly not in that variety.

    I’m sure we many of us have this sort of problem?
    It’s a shame…
    /Will pick some up while I’m back in Canada next week…

  4. hehe…sorry I don’t make housecalls folks

    I haven’t had anyone approach me yet, but if a customer asked me about it i’d definitely try to sell them a few of these puppies. I’ve done the same in the past with Macs at CompUSA.

    I’d love to be a Moleskine rep 😉

    As for that gorgeous stand pictured in the post…I could only dream for that to be at a store near me.

  5. Man, I wish my store carried all of the Moleskines. All i get are the 2 sizes of plain, lined and squared, and the multi pockets. We don’t even carry enough varieties for them to get messy.

    It sucks (and I don’t get a discount at B&N).

  6. People actually get worked up over the colored band missing from a new moleskine? Why would it matter if the item info, upc, etc is missing? It’s just packaging trash. It won’t affect your notebook folks. It will still takes notes just as well. I even throw away the plastic cellophane AND the notebook history card. *GASP*

  7. Oh, no … I won’t buy an open Moleskine or one missing any of that “packaging trash”. I want to be the first one to have touched the notebook since it was packaged at the factory. To slit the cover from side-to-side at the top just a little more than it’s width so I can slowly and gently slide it’s wrapping down the sides of it’s rigid oilcloth cover. Exposing its sensuous surface to my touch and its smell. That fresh paper smell.

    Why should I deny myself this most singular of pleasures? What’s the point of being an office fetishist if you don’t take the time to fully experience the event.

    Like a new lover … the foreplay is over before the sex even begins if you don’t take the time to slowly undress her. To unbutton her shirt or to slowly slide her t-shirt over head while trying to maintain a kiss unbroken for the longest moment. The fumblings with bra straps. If you simply undress, each to their own side of the bed, only to climb under the covers and then to touch once you’re both naked you miss too much.

    No, I’ll take my clean, unsoiled Moleskine notebook fresh from the shelf … packaging trash and all.

  8. I’m sure there’s a lot of envy around here looking at that nice display Patrick. That was definitely a labor of love…

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