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Vogels_werner_1"The One Device I Wish Someone Would Invent: My
professional life revolves around two tools: A pocket-sized black
Moleskine notepad and my Blackberry 7100t. I would like for someone to
invent a device which gives me the experience of using a paper notepad,
yet with unlimited number of pages and search capabilities.

For the handheld, I wish that other vendors
would take the same rigorous approach to security that RIM has taken.
It would open up the corporate market to more players, which may drive
additional innovation in interface and functionality. And last but not
least, better universal wireless coverage, especially inside buildings."

Werner Vogels
Chief Technology Officer

Excerpt from interview by David M. Ewalt
Forbes.com, Executive ToyBox

[Thanks Leslie Russell]

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  1. I’ve been using the iomega digital pen, with Anoto-enabled paper notebooks, pads, and sticky notes, for almost a year now. Captures handwriting and drawings, translates handwriting into editable documents and to MS Word. You can also handwrite emails, enter the email address, and the system will send them to Outlook. The handwritten documents can be updated by hand in the notebook and then synchronized with the copies on my PC. It does actually do a good job of capturing handwriting, at least for me (I write in an italic hand, don’t think the software would do well with scrawls, don’t know about how it would do with the typical cursive taught in US schools).

    It’s a pretty handy system for some elements of my work, might not be practical for everyone. There are a total of four digital pen suppliers, but all the pens seem to be identical except for cosmetic features. There are also a number of manufacturers who make the Anoto digital paper, and you can get custom forms created as well. I haven’t found the paper in office supply stores, so I just order the stuff online in quantity good enough for a year (price breaks). HP has some kind of software that makes it possible to create your own digital paper to the Anoto spec. (I have heard that you can copy Anoto paper on a good copy machine and get a working result — I have not tried this.) The Anoto people have the information about all this on their Web site: http://www.anoto.com

    Hope this helps. It’s the only system I know of that at least approaches doing what you want.

    Editor, The eLearning Developers’ Journal

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