Moleskine Modality IV

Mm_4"Through someone writing to me about his recent purchase of a Moleskine
notebook, which he proposed to use to draw for his beloved, I have clarified
(after more than one attempt) what this Moleskine modality is about: It’s not
the Muse, though that comes into it; it’s not a Talisman, though that plays a
part; it’s more an incantation. Don’t knock each other over in your rush to your
dictionaries to prove this is the wrong word. It is about inspiration and
motivation to write.

Take a man walking across a swath of mown grass. He
sees mole-hills. Walking up to them, with a view to seeing if there is a fresh
one – and whether he can detect a pattern which will tell him in which direction
the mole is digging – he notices something sticking out of the finely minced
earth of one of the excavations. He bends down for a closer look. To his
surprise it is the tip of a notebook. Gently pulling it out of the soft soil, he
brushes it down, recognising it is a Moleskine."

Moleskine Modality IV

[via Leslie Russell]

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