Moleskine Reporter Series


"Just when we thought we had seen all the beautiful stuff from Moleskine (even
though there are currently some debates about decreasing quality), Modo &
Modo seem to be ready for a new surprise:


…imagine a normal pocket or large Moleskine which has it’s
spine on  the smaller side, being packed with 192 pages (the last 24
are detachable). They are available in the well-known varieties
ruled, squared and blank, have that beloved rubberband to close it and
even that useful pocket in the back. They have that certain
"Inspector Columbo"-look, if you know what I mean.

I cannot supply you
with any comments on paper-quality etc. for I just bought a blank pocket
notepad a few hours ago and have not tried it yet…"

Cheers from Austria,

Image: Patrick Ng/

Patrick responds:

"I’m quite sure he is referring to the Reporter series, as
Modo&Modo expressed in our meeting that they won’t have anymore new
products except the recently launched "Reporter" and "Cahiers".

Cahiers were shipped in Nov/Dec 04 and Reporter shipping has just started,
probably people will see them on market (if distributors decided to carry
them, currently HK distributor may not carry this line
until end of 2005) in
March/April 05.

Both products I took pictures:
Reporter: on my site,
news on 2nd Feb 05
Cahiers: on
my site, news on 21st Dec 04"

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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