Reportruled The Moleskine Notebook has been
Who would have imagined that a simple shift of perspective could
make such a significant change in a notebook? The Classic style Moleskine that
you know and love has had a make-over: The binding has migrated to the short end
of the notebook, the elastic now goes in the opposite direction, and the inside
back pocket has shifted directions as well. The result is a highly functional
notebook in a flip-top reporter style. Designed for the special needs of
journalists, this notebook is endlessly useful for notetaking whatever your

As with the original Moleskines, the
Reporter notebooks have classic styling, great funtional design, and endless
aesthetic appeal. The built-in elastic closure keeps the notebook closed, and
the expandable accordion pocket built into the back cover is perfect for keeping
track of your ticket stubs, airmail stamps, and other small loose papers. The
unique flip-top design makes this a great notebook for active notetaking on the

  • Notebook measures 3 ½"
    wide by 5 ½" high, and ½" thick.
  • Is bound in a rigid,
    oilcloth ‘moleskine’ cover.
  • Is thread bound making
    this book very durable.
  • Notebook has 192 ruled
    pages (96 leaves) made from fine Italian acid free paper.
  • The last 24 sheets are
    detatchable via microperforation.
  • Has a built-in elastic
    closure that holds the sturdy cover closed.
  • Has an expandable
    accordion pocket inside the back cover.
  • This style of Moleskine
    comes without the ribbon placeholder.
  • Moleskine journals are
    made in Italy.

This small notebook is the perfect size for
carrying in your pocket or purse, for recording thoughts and taking notes on the
go. Once you start using one of these you will settle for nothing but a

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  1. How is it that Ninth Wave has these little beauties yet I don’t find them on moleskineus or any other Moleskine website? They look great, but I just loaded up on a shipment, so I will have to wait a bit.

  2. Moleskine Reporters sound great, and I would love to have a stash. But at $10.95 (U.S.) (hell, even $10.95 Canadian!), my editor would never approve the expense.

    Terry, a Canadian journalist

  3. I got one yesterday from “The City Organiser” in Canary Wharf.

    It’s strange to have the binding at the top and no ribbon placeholder, but the paper is of the same quality that we are used to.

    Also, the long format makes it perfect for resting the whole open book on your thigh as a writing support.

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