"the new team blog for former starbucks employees will be up by the end of the week.  it will be amazing.

D.C. trip cancelled.  we had faux meat instead.  i moleskine-blogged the night.

wanted us to play a game on the road, and she started telling me about
it, and stopped. the only words she mentioned were ‘Michael’ and
‘regret.’ this is what i had to say. "so all i know so far is ‘Michael’
& ‘regret.’ that’ll be interesting."

all is fair in love, and we’re in love

Remember: moleskine-blogged

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Update 4.5.05

"While preparing this entry, which by the way was originally written longhand
in a Moleskine, I found two earlier references to the term "moleskine-blogging"
online. The first entry is found at Hacks, Blogs, Rock ‘n’
in the entry Moleskine-Blogging
(non-english) dated January 14, 2005. The term was also found in …pickhits… post Blogging with
dated January 25, 2005".

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  1. Is there something particularly abhorent about the verb “to write” so that we must now make compound words combining hyphens, brand names, AND slang to fill the gap?

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