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Giovedì Santo

"Il sagrestano ha l’obbligio di non chiudere presto la chiesa il giovedì santo. I peccatori si aggirano misteriosamente per la chiesa, e colgono il momento che non li vede nessuno, neanche il sagrestano, per introdursi nella stanza oscura dove scendono … Continue reading

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The Last Supper

Turkeyhead @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR…Note: Moleskinerie will be on auto-pilot for the rest of the week. Emails won’t be opened until we get back on Easter Monday but the comment box troll patrol is on duty. Have fun everyone!

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4 Days in Malta

4 Days in Malta is a diary of a Creative Thinking seminar i did in Malta a year ago. I did edit the Moleskine pages, though. Luis Marin MendoView the notebook.Visit his blog.

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Creative Writing Workshop in Paris

Here’s an email from our friend, travel writer Rolf Potts: For all of you who are interested in studying creative writing in France this summer, I’ll be co-teaching an intensive writing workshop at the Paris American Academy from July 2nd … Continue reading

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3 Color Pencil with USB Memory Key function

"If you ever wanted to have, a 3 color pencil AND a USB memory key, well the new USB Memory Pen from I-O Data is made for YOU! The most amazing stuff… well for a pen is that we can … Continue reading

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Fenwick Rysen

"The Phoenix Rising" " This is the finished sketch (or a version of it) on the inside cover of one of my Moleskine journals (Meme Journal Volume II), the one that lives perpetually in the hip pocket of my fatigues. … Continue reading

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“Mocha, Dude”

"I watched this guy enjoy the sun and a mocha outside a Starbucks yesterday. Somehow he didn’t look the type, but then I guess all types do enjoy an occasional Starbucks these days. I was caught without my pen and … Continue reading

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A Deaf Guy’s Take

"It feels good to write at all. Writers love writing; they’re drawn to the empty page like moths to a flickering flame. However, nothing makes a writer feel as good as when they finally find their pen and their paper.  … Continue reading

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‘Mitation Mutation

"I am not shocked to see, with the current popularity of the Moleskine, that someone has finally gotten the idea of producing a knock off. The faux-skine is a dead ringer for the trusty black books except that the cover … Continue reading

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Roy Blumenthal

"He looks at the other security guard. His name tag identifies him as Doctor. He’s also a total pro. Doctor enters my row. "May I get past you?" he asks. I move my legs, and he passes.  I pick up … Continue reading

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