WMP #12 Erika Bennet


WMP #12
Erika Bennet
Melbourne, Australia

Special thanks to our donors.


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We need to temporarily recall WMP notebooks #1, 2 and 3 for an upcoming
exhibit. Current recipients of these journals are requested to contact us for mailing instructions as
soon as possible.

We also need to update the location of the rest of the notebooks.
Kindly send us a note if you are in possession
of any of the WMP Moleskine


MoleskineArt.com Proj:exhibition Launched! 
Check out Patrick’s pictures here. Or here.

Finally, here’s a deep Moleskine thought from Randy Taylor:

"I’ve been writing in my new Moleskine for about a week.  And I’ve
realized something.  All the words have been written.  All the notes
have been played.  I just need to find a new order to arrange them in." 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!