Young Enough to Enjoy It

Gm" There I was minding my own business, running through the latest updates from
the Good Blogs when LifeHacker throws me down the long and painful stairs of
addiction. I had lived a good life to this point devoid of any knowledge of the
fabled Moleskina notebook. Decades of self-control gone in the flash of a

Before I knew what I was doing, I had discovered moleskinerie
where I learned of the right pens to use. Mike’s review saved me the
error of overspending for a good instrument (still resisting the fountain pen

Then it was on to finding notebooks. I couldn’t stop myself.
What was this power gripping me? I’d never experienced the like of it before.
Two bookstores later, there they were, the little black notebooks with the
bright-colored bands. Thank goodness for that bit of marketing acumen, otherwise
how would I, a mere novice, distinguish these distinguished books from the sea
of imitators on the shelves?…"

Gregory Miskin
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