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Plane Sketchbook

"A tribute to slower, more leisurely times."by Capt. Rizalindo S. GiganteValuAir, Singapore The world’s next generation of creative voices in art and writing are in you. If you’re between nine and 18, get in on the Wandering Moleskine Next project: … Continue reading

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Innovative fountain pen writes on the nanoscale

"The first practical fountain pen was invented in 1884 by Lewis Waterman. Although pens with self-contained ink reservoirs had existed for more than a hundred years before his invention, they suffered from ink leaks and other troubles. Waterman solved these … Continue reading

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Where Do Your Moleskines Live?

When mine aren’t travelling with me, I store my journals in this makeshift "Moleskine case." It’s actually a desk organizer, but I’m rather happy with the discovery that it will house my Moleskines perfectly, and with a touch of tradition. … Continue reading

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The Most…

Photograph ©MMII Austin Burbridge. All rights reserved ". . . the most astonishing, the most surprising, the most marvellous, the most miraculous, the most magnificent, the most confounding, the most unheard-of, the most singular, the most extraordinary, the most incredible, … Continue reading

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Birds ‘n Beer

"While browsing through my digital photo albums this weekend, I noticed a lot of attempts to capture our feathered friends doing bird-like things, which is not an easy task. As I was trying to create a montage picture during a … Continue reading

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José Forjaz Arquitectos

A friend recently sent us this link of stunning buildings by José Forjaz Architects. Describing each  could fill a journal. Take a look. LINK

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Prompts: Odin’s Names and Titles

Aldafadr – father of men Aldagautr Gautr of men Aldingautr – the ancient gautr Alfodr – father of all Arnhofdi – eagle head Atrithi Atrithr – attacking rider Audun – wealth friend Baleygr – blaze eye Biflindi – shield shaker … Continue reading

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A Royal Purple Moleskine

"The purple silk-covered Moleskine belongs to my #1SO (number one significant other) Barbara, aka Babz, aka The Duchess of Kensington, aka La Duchesse. I became a Moleskine fan at a conference last fall in San Francisco concerning  a lovely piece … Continue reading

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Today on Journalisimo

"On April 6, 1980, though, the endless and complicated march of progress took a short break as a remarkable new technology arrived in stationery stores around the nation. It was so simple to use, even a CEO could master it. … Continue reading

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“Weathering the Weather”

"During the spring and summer months of 1998, UCSD’s Mandeville Special Collections Library was pleased to exhibit a glorious selection of early and important works on meteorology from the collection of Kenneth E. Hill (1915-2001). Already well known for his … Continue reading

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