NAMTA 2005 here we come!

We wilI be attending the National Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA) Convention and Trade Show in Chicago, IL. this Wednesday, April 13th with Jeroen Kuiper and Laura Kellner of Kikkerland Design Inc. (Moleskine’s U.S. Distributor). I’ll be talking about our... Read More


Moleskine Musings

Being social animals, human beings tend to allow their better judgement to be stampeded by the crowd’s impulses. This applies not only to the followers of trends, but their critics: the bigger the icon, the bigger the kudos accorded those... Read More

This is really where the trouble starts. Coupled with their good looks (the Moleskine is a very attractive notebook), the cachet of the artists and writers essentially providing endorsements for them gave Moleskine notebooks the jumpstart they needed. It’s important to note that the kind of person who will spend time looking for the perfect notebook is generally the classic "early adopter" so beloved of computer technology companies, and I suspect they (we) are perhaps more vulnerable to the lure of the Moleskine’s whispered promises."Buy me," it seems to say, "and you too can be inspired to write like Hemingway."

Marketing does not fool us, exactly; it hands us the lines
we feed ourselves. Seduction is something we allow to happen, and investing objects
with mysterious power is an old trap. We want to believe that possessing these
items is what will give us power, or wealth, or inspiration; we want to deny
that ‘genius’ is a label we apply to those who are both supremely gifted and
work harder than anyone else. Olympic athletes have a genetic makeup that makes
them suited for their chosen sport, but this is at best a starting point;
potential will always go unfulfilled unless it is accompanied by a daily grind of
back-breaking labour. Nobody wants to hear this; it’s not a cheering message.
The idea that we simply lack some talisman, owned by those whose powers we aspire
to possess, is a far more attractive one.

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"What the DigiMemo provides is the most natural way of working – using pen (and ink) writing on paper – but digitally recording everything you write or draw. Take the DigiMemo wherever you go and write down whatever you want,... Read More



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