Birds ‘n Beer


"While browsing through my digital photo albums this weekend, I noticed a lot of
attempts to capture our feathered friends doing bird-like things, which is not
an easy task. As I was trying to create a montage picture during a brief trip to
our island (Galveston), I inadvertently captured a nosy crow in flight. My
original intention was to collect the beer, Moleskine/pen, crow sitting on the
rail, a bit of ocean and palm trees, with Galveston’s scandalous Flagship Hotel
as a backdrop…As serendipity would have it, the picture didn’t work as far as
a collage, but to my later surprise I managed to catch the crow in mid flight. I
couldn’t have done that if I tried, so it was a nice surprise when I finally got
home and reviewed my shots on the big monitor."

Gary Verner