A Royal Purple Moleskine


"The purple silk-covered Moleskine belongs to my #1SO (number one significant
other) Barbara, aka Babz, aka The Duchess of Kensington, aka La Duchesse. I
became a Moleskine fan at a conference last fall in San
Francisco concerning  a lovely piece of software called Tinderbox, which I
use for blogging and keeping track of all of my text and text-related
images.  At the conference I found out that many advanced bloggers and
programmers prefer their Moleskines to their pda’s for taking quick notes
on the fly. I bought one and showed it to Babz. Now Babz is not into
coding or geek stuff, but she has a great color-coordinated workstation for
her legacy strawberry iMac, with peripherals and desk accessories to match,
so naturally she wanted a matching Moleskine. We found one on the
Tinderbox website thanks to Mark Bernstein, the hypertext developer and
blogging theory specialist who keeps track of the world’s coolest
note-taking paraphernalia and sells it for a modest profit on his website.
There was not "strawberry" Moleskine, but a luscious
red-violet model covered with Shantung silk. In the photo we were visiting
printmaker Daniel Tierney at the magnificantly situated Headlands Center for
the Arts, and Babz, who is a guide at the DiRosa art preserve in Napa, was
comparing notes with Daniel."

—Jonathan David Leavitt
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