How I use my Moleskine pocket diary


"Why to use this classification system to organize my pocket personal
journal? Because I want to rapidly and effectively organize my ideas. I could
put my thoughts without any classification system. I could put my quotes here
and there. I could put book excerpts at random. The problem with this is that if
I search for something, I don’t want to check every of the 300 pages before
finding it. But I don’t want to put as many time to organize my journal that it
take to write it. It’s why I adopted a lightweight version of the analog blog
… The whole aim of this is system to save time while using my journal as
a personal source of knowledge. The axiom is that if I can’t find the
information I want; it’s that I don’t have the information. The personal journal
concept is a way to backup and/or create the knowledge, the information; and
this classification system is the way to find this knowledge, this information.
The union of the two concepts is the foundation of my axiom."

Fred on Something

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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