Ink, Fraud, Theft,..and Lawyers….


" A lawyer in 2003 requested a fountain pen ink that would be
capable of writing notes on newsprint while he was on the subway: "In case I
have an idea it would be nice to have a fountain pen write on newsprint and even
the place mats given at the airport restaurants….even better if I could do the
crossword puzzle during my commute and still be able to read the other side of
the page. Fountain pens inks can’t do that."  He offered an order too: "Eighteen
bottles, I’ll buy at any price, any volume…just make an ink that can do that
and make it blacker than any other."

In late 2003 there was a prototype,
and by early 2004 an ink that met his conditions was made.  Thus was born
Noodler’s Black.  Articles about "fountain pen ink feathering on recycled
papers" and "the recent legal pads feather badly" caused the young company to
concentrate even more on anti-feathering properties for the "bulk" paper market.
Fountain pen users were being forced to buy higher end/costly paper grades due
to changes in the paper industry – especially regarding recycled papers. 
College students (the most important part of the hobby if it is to survive!)
were giving up on the fountain pen after experiencing heavy feathering through
the pages of notebooks sold through their university book stores.     Noodler’s
Black can write well on most of these "bulk market" paper grades without
feathering…and even can write well on moleskine grade

Nathan Tardif, founder of Noodler’s Ink, L.L.C. 
"A Massachusetts


3 thoughts on “Ink, Fraud, Theft,..and Lawyers….

  1. I love my Noodler’s Black. It never fails me, never feathers, lays down a gorgeous line. Working on my second novel, I’ve commissioned a variety of pens — from a FP Phileas to an EF Pelikan Steno to an EF Lamy AlStar — to Noodler’s Black exclusively, giving me a variety of pen options all utilizing the best ink in the rotation.

  2. If it weren’t for Noodler’s Black, I’d still be using a rollerball. I have four bottles, two I use regularly and two in reserve. I myself have performed a variety of torture tests and the ink survived every one. It’s great for Moleskines too!

  3. I received 3 bottles of Nooler’s ink that last week and am exceptionally happy. Waterman’s ink had been my choice before but it was limited in the colours. Noodler’s ink is very smooth flowing and the colours remain strong no matter what the nib. The Ottoman Rose with the Lamy Safari and an italic 1.1 nib is wonderful for cards and notes. The Waterman Le Mans and blue-black ink is as good as it gets when writing anywhere. The speed of drying is important for someone left handed.

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