Mo’ Moleskine


Boxes of notebooks waiting to be displayed just before opening day at NAMTA 2005.
And you thought Pamela Anderson was sexy.

"Notes and Outlines"

Kikkerland Design’s Jeroen Kuiper is silhouetted against the projection screen as he speaks at the Moleskine presentation.

"Order of the Black Garter"

A line of notebooks await inspection at Booth #1321.

"High Numbers"

A worker puts finishing touches on the show’s banners high atop Navy Pier’s cavernous Festival Hall.

"Heady Metal"

Detail of the sleek spray-painted display cases which feature spacers and bookends with asterisks, commas and other graphic symbols..



The updated citrus-colored sleeves are an eye-popping, purchase-inducing color combination.

All Images © 2005 ABF

Birthday greetings to our friends at Moleskinerie/ORKUT:
Norman Nimer,  April 15
Michael Douglas-Llyr, April 20

Have a nice weekend everyone! Full NAMTA report on Monday.