Moleskine Cahier

Cahier_1"I just got my order from Mojo London which includes a new large
ruled Moleskine for work, and a pack of the new Moleskine Cahiers.

The classic large ruled Moleskine is what I expected. However, I was
disappointed at the Cahiers. I thought these might be Volants with
pockets in them. My boss took a look and went "These aren’t
Moleskine… They’re cardboard!" And he’s right.

The Volants had the cover like the standard Moleskines, stiched sets
of pages which were then glued together. Cahiers are just a bunch of
pages stitched together once (and showing on the spine) wrapped in
cardboard. There is not even a "if lost, then return" page in the
front. The so-called pocket is a cardboard corner.

If Moleskine think they are replacing the Volants with these, then
they have taken a massive step back. I recommend that you do not buy
these. Snap up any Volants remaining, but stay away from the Cahiers."

Jon Lim