Moleskinerie @ NAMTA 2005

Nm1x’s Armand Frasco (light coat) with Laura Kellner, Jeroen Kuiper and Cindy BeMent at the Kikkerland booth before the opening.

Moleskinerie was privileged to visit this year’s NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association) show at Chicago’s Navy Pier a day before it officially opened and exhibitors were still setting up. Apart from the slight disappointment of not seeing the fully prepped up booths, our trip was worth every second if only for the chance of finally meeting representatives of Moleskine’s U.S. distributor, Kikkerland Design.    

Over lunch we discussed the product line and comments from our readers regarding paper quality and distribution. We also talked about exciting future projects such as a coffee table book and WMPNext, the kids’ version of the Wandering Moleskine Project which will be launched by Cindy BeMent next month.    


Moleskine everywhere!

The upside of coming in too early for a trade show? You get to do an Izzy! Cindy and I lent a hand as Jeroen and Laura stacked the shelves with the complete Moleskine product line and Kikkerland’s other items.


Free smells!

Laura commented that each trade show has a distinct scent from the products that are on display. This time it is paints, watercolors, pencils, markers and the irresistible olfactory delight of fine paper.


Chicago’s historic Navy Pier is worth a separate visit in itself. The lakefront
playground offer  visitors more than 50 acres of parks, promenades, gardens,
shops, restaurants and attractions including the Chicago Children’s Museum and
the Shakespeare Theater. LINK.

Detailed report and more photos soon. A special shoutout to my friends at JCrew/Pleasant Prairie: Kristine, Peyton and Karen.

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  1. I used to save up my money and go to the Battletech center in Navy Pier with my friends. There was also a little hologram shop in one corner. Is Navy Pier the one with the huge clock sculpture in the center of the main entrance that looks like the coolest hamster setup in the world?

    I can’t wait to hear more Armond. Wht did they say about the questions you brougt up? I had my hands on a newer Moleskine and I saw no paper quality issues.

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