Moleskinerie @ NAMTA 2005 Report III

Nm12x_2Presentation and Future Projects

We started promptly at 2 P.M.with the Kikkerland duo’s Powerpoint product presentation. There wasn’t much
said that we avid Moleskine users don’t already know except that the
information was delivered in person by people whom I vaguely knew from a
website and phone calls. In the marketing maelstrom of selling a hot product
like Moleskine this connection finally made it all real for me.

Many journal keepers shun the spotlight and I am not an
exception. By the time the presentation began the dainty butterflies in my
stomach had morphed into buzzing bees. Somehow Jeroen’s (literally) soaring
presence calmed me down enough to manage an acceptable orientation of our
blog’s role in the Moleskine universe. Dark forces lurk yonder I suspect – the lectern’s
trap door had collapsed (knocked off?) during Jeroen’s talk earlier.
Conspiracists, take note. 

I later learned that this was Kikkerland’s first trade group
presentation but I’d say it was a good show.Kiknmx_2  We may never win a Tony but
Kikkerland did bring home the “Best New Exhibitor” award from this year’s NAMTA
convention. “Moleskine was the hot, hot hottest thing at the show!” they emailed me after.

We  returned to the booth to shelve the rest of the
notebooks after the meeting. This was the “Izzy” part, a "move" we named after a blogger who
confessed to arranging Moleskine notebooks whenever he sees them in disarray at
Borders. This was the first time I’ve actually seen their whole product line
and it was dazzling. The array of new near-neon colored sleeves hurt my eyes
but like those pricey concerts, it was a sight not to be missed.

Not to be missed either are these coming attractions: A
coffee table book, a traveling exhibit and the Wandering Moleskine Project Next
for kids and teens.

If all goes as planned we should be seeing “Moleskine, The
Book” or a similarly-titled art volume next year. It will feature contributed
articles and notebook scans from our very own Wandering Moleskine Project and
others. There may be a sprinkling of celebrity users, too. The contents are far
from final so let’s just cross our fingers that this project comes to fruition.
Although a popular publisher was considered, it now looks like Kikkerland wants
to produce the book in house.

The traveling exhibit is actually an offshoot of WMP but it may
also be held to coincide with the release of “The Book” and WMPNext. A
brainchild of Cindy BeMent, the project will distribute Moleskine among the
9-18 age groups. Joachim du Beleg has already updated the project’s logo so we
are all set for launching next month. itself will be undergoing some changes in
the days ahead to provide you with the latest buzz on our little black (and
now, brown) notebooks and continue to serve as a gathering place for journaling
aficionados around the globe. Like those hucksters on the teley I’m tempted to scream “but wait!
There’s more!” but I’ll have to put on my poker face as we work in the back
room. Suffice it to say good things are happening.

Having met Jeroen, Laura and Cindy gained me the
acquaintance of this genuinely nice bunch but also further validated the idea
behind Moleskinerie. In the blogosphere where vaporware disappear with the
frequency of pop ups on Firefox its good to know that offbeat does rock, low tech can indeed become high touch and the classics will be here to stay. The Moleskine saga continues.

By Armand B. Frasco
Text and photos unless indicated © 2005 ABF
NAMTA award photo courtesy of Kikkerland Design, NY

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed in
the preceding article are solely that of the author from informal conversation
and does not reflect the official position of Modo & Modo and Kikkerland


Photos @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR

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