Morning Pages


"Why morning pages? Many writers use this vehicle to jump-start their day,
even though they still spend much of the day writing on other, hopefully
profitable pursuits. Writing toss-away pages early in the day simply clears your
mind of the clutter and noise accumulated overnight. Like a short meditative sit
or a brief power nap, morning pages rejuvenate and result in a clearer state of

Today I chose a target of three pages written in my Moleskine, which takes
about 20 minutes, a time that’s highly manageable. Other writers I know write
much more, and at times I’ve written 10 or 12 pages when there were things that
needed outing, but the real point is in setting a minimum page count and not
stop until said pages are filled. It’s also a good idea to force yourself to
keep the hand moving as well. Morning pages are not a time for pondering then
pontificating between the lines: the whole point is to unclutter and attain
clear thinking, and distractions festered by inactivity don’t further that

Gary Verner

4 thoughts on “Morning Pages

  1. I have a thing with writing just before I go to sleep. I climb in bed, reach for my Moleskine, reach for my pen, and write about whatever is bothering me or whatever is on my mind period. If I think it, I write it. I write about my day aswell as write about what I hope to do the following day. Write about past memories that have come up and future plans. I usually fill a page or 2 every other night or so. I started off quite consistant, doing it every night, then every other night. I want to try to start doing it every night again, like how I started

  2. Julia Cameron has a morning pages notebook companion volume for her book “The Artist’s Way”, but I have just dedicated a Moleskine specifically for my morning pages as well.

  3. It’s great to read that other people do their morning pages in their Moleskines. And congrats Gary on being able to do it in 20 minutes; my mind wanders and my pen slows down a few times, so it takes me closer to half an hour.

  4. I just started morning pages at night no less. First day, I have to type because my hand hurts too much to write. It is a leftover from my brother’s untimely death and the fact that I wrote every thank you note that left our family my left hand has not been the same since. I have a question. I have to struggle not to re-read and I made my girlfriend promise to burn my pages should i die before her…. (no control issues here) does anyone else use a pc? I got Ms. Cameron’s book on the advice of a very sweet therapist. Also one more question has anyone tried her write away diet book? Any success?? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Sherri

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