No rules. Just write.


" I’m advising my husband to ditch the electronics and go back to the DayTimer he
used for years. Back in those days, he never had to wait until Monday morning to
catch the IT guy and ask how to enter a phone number into his

Both of us used to be wild for gadgets. We were always the
first kids on our block to pick up the latest CD players, cell phones, and so
on. But after you’ve read a hundred manuals and fiddled with as many electronic
gizmos (okay, the truth: we never read the manuals unless we couldn’t figure
something out), the thrill dissipates and you actually begin to resent anything
new because it means learning a whole new way of doing things.

We like to
think of ourselves as adventurous, but when you get a new cell phone every year
and a new computer every couple of years and toss in a new digital camera or a
new DVD player or even a new telephone answering machine every now and then, it
just becomes too much. It seems like every month you’re replacing an old gadget
— that you understand how to use — with a new one that must be figured out and
then set up before you can begin using it."

Brenda Coulter
Visit her blog: No rules. Just write.

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