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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da VinciMaster DraftsmanThe Metropolitan Museum of Art LINK

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"For lust of knowing what should not be known, We take the golden road to Samarkand."                 James Elroy Flecker, Hassan, 1913.   "Well, we reached Samarkand without any Uzbek soms on hand, and a … Continue reading

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Ifs A most interesting site by Ellen Pronk,Rotterdam, The Netherlands LINK

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To own or not to own?

"I’m reading a fabulous new book by Steve Leveen (owner of Levenger) called The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life. It’s a very eloquent love-letter to a life of reading, with some nice practical tips on how to squeeze more … Continue reading

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Show n’ Tell

Seldom do we get a glimpse into the lives of our friends here at Moleskinerie so it was a delight to read this post about Mike Rohde’s "unusual" work life:  "I’m at the local Caribou Coffee entry early in the … Continue reading

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"it was the changing of the signs, that keept her going." Susanne R. Christensensriber @ moleskinerie/FLICKR © 2005 SRC

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How I use my Moleskine pocket diary

"Why to use this classification system to organize my pocket personal journal? Because I want to rapidly and effectively organize my ideas. I could put my thoughts without any classification system. I could put my quotes here and there. I … Continue reading

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Erika’s Travel Journal

The notebook of Rochelle Erika Sienes, 13Lake Villa, Illinois The world’s next generation of creative voices in art and writing are in you. If you’re between nine and 18, get in on the Wandering Moleskine Next project: put YOU on … Continue reading

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First Flowers

"Straight on the heels of yesterday’s wildflowers, this morning the violets in my backyard are in bloom with both white and purple blossoms. The neighbor’s forsythia bushes have erupted in a tentative first glimmer of yellow flowers, and the lilac … Continue reading

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*Intimidation* I open your cover marvel at the space an acre of white, gleams untouched I dip my pen towards you then pull back, unsure to write, or not to question? Should I start with a poem? A thought, a … Continue reading

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