Recovering the Lost Art of Note-Taking

"I spend most of my work-life in meetings. Note-taking is a survival skill. Yet, I am surprised at how few people bother to take notes in meetings. Those who do sometimes express frustration at how ineffective the exercise seems to... Read More


Fake Pilot G2 Pen

"I thought it was some sort of clearance when I bought this HKD $3 fake Pilot G2 pen from a "warehouse" in Causeway Bay. The standard retail price is HKD $11. $3 is even half of what retailers get from... Read More


My Moleskine

"Back in Boston, 2001, I walked into a book store looking for a replacement journal and found, well, something special. Moleskine. The black cover. Cloth bookmark. And the history. Used by Van Gogh, Matisse, Hemingway, and others. Well, I was... Read More


Decoded at last: the ‘classical holy grail’

"For more than a century, it has caused excitement and frustration in equal measure – a collection of Greek and Roman writings so vast it could redraw the map of classical civilisation. If only it was legible. Now, in a... Read More


The blog is dead. Long live the blog

"…I bought one of those Moleskine notebooks a while back. You know, the really nice ones that other bloggers evangelise about. It’s sleek and sturdy and functional, the paper quality is amazing. In fact it’s so good that I haven’t... Read More


Moleskinerie @ NAMTA 2005 Report III

Presentation and Future Projects We started promptly at 2 P.M.with the Kikkerland duo’s Powerpoint product presentation. There wasn’t much said that we avid Moleskine users don’t already know except that the information was delivered in person by people whom I... Read More


Proposal: personal object pager

"In my case, the ‘killer’ functional add-on would be a little pager on the key chain, with which I could locate my phone, wallet, moleskine, PowerBook charger, and Nokia ID badge. I seldom manage to leave home without forgetting at... Read More


Celebrate Planet Earth

"APRIL LINE-UP OF SIGNATURE PBS SCIENCE AND NATURAL HISTORY SERIES INVESTIGATES, EXPLAINS AND CELEBRATES OUR GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT IN SALUTE TO EARTH DAY 2005 PBS science and natural history programming brings viewers the most innovative, cutting-edge discoveries taking place on and... Read More


Moleskinerie @ NAMTA 2005 Report II

Product news, users’ feedback and other Moleskine trivia The ladies had some kind of an oriental chicken salad and looked like they enjoyed it although chopstick-challenged Cindy had to use a fork. Jeroen and I had the salmon/bacon burger. Nourished... Read More



"A Manchu by birth, Gao Qipei was one of the few foreigners in the Qing period able not only to absorb Chinese culture but to gain a measure of respect from other Chinese painters for his accomplishments. Gao found the... Read More