Prompts: Odin’s Names and Titles


Aldafadr – father of men

Aldagautr Gautr of men

Aldingautr – the ancient gautr

Alfodr – father of all

Arnhofdi – eagle head Atrithi

Atrithr – attacking rider

Audun – wealth friend

Baleygr – blaze eye

Biflindi – shield shaker

Bileygr – feeble eye

Bjorn – bear Blindi,
Blindr blind

Bolverker –  evil doer

Bragi – chieftain

Bruni, Brunn – the brown one Darrdr

Dorrud  – spearman

Draugadrottin – lord of the dead Farmaguth, Farmatyr cargo god

Fengr snatch Fimbultyr – mighty god

Fimbulthulr – mighty poet Fjolnir much

Fjolsvidr, Fjolsvinnr
much wise

Forni – ancient

Fraridr – one who rides forth

Fundinn – the found

Viking Names

Via the inimitable Mr. Sun

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