Proposal: personal object pager

Zeng"In my case, the ‘killer’ functional add-on would be a little pager on the key
chain, with which I could locate my phone, wallet, moleskine, PowerBook charger,
and Nokia ID badge. I seldom manage to leave home without forgetting at least
one of the above but oddly, I never misplace my keys (perhaps because they’re
always in my pocket).
Clearly, the demand for such an ‘object pager’ is growing. A few years
back all we had to remember was the designers’ holy trinity of wallet, keys, and
mobile phone. But now there’s also the iPod, the digital camera, and the
Blackberry… people even forget their laptops: BBC News reported in 2001 that
"Hurried travellers have left as many as 62,000 mobiles, 2,900 laptops and
1,300 PDAs in London taxis over the past six months …. Businesses now risk
losing valuable or confidential information stored on handheld devices through
the carelessness of their employees."
The problem with the existing key-finders etc. out there is that the
firms who are making them think they’re in the gadget business. They’re not:
they’re in the gadget personalizing business. The pagers look horrible and the
fobs are totally uncool. Someone should do to the key-finder what Apple did to
MP3 player: make it cool."


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2 thoughts on “Proposal: personal object pager

  1. Life just gets more and more complicated. When you’re going away you also need to make sure you have the right chargers for said indispensables. At least a molie just needs a pen.

  2. I think I saw this at a Sharper Image store. No luck finding it on the website. There were 4 different colored beeping pagers w/ key rings and a central paging station. Loose your remote control? Push the button and the pager beeps to help you locate the item.

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