The blog is dead. Long live the blog


"…I bought one of those Moleskine notebooks a while back. You know, the really
nice ones that other bloggers evangelise about. It’s sleek and sturdy and
functional, the paper quality is amazing. In fact it’s so good that I haven’t
been able to write in it. It’s like I’m afraid to sully it with my incoherent
ramblings, as if I’m committing a sin every time I tarnish the paper with my
ballpoint. It’s stupid, really. It’s just a notebook. It’s made for writing in!
And it’s mine! Or it’s supposed to be, anyway. I have to make it mine,

Just like this weblog. It’s mine, but in a way, it isn’t. I have to make it
mine. It’s time I reclaimed my space.

The blog is dead. Long live the blog."

M. Ellis Conroy

Image: nosurprises @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR Used with permission

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