Where Do Your Moleskines Live?

When mine aren’t travelling with me, I store my journals in this makeshift "Moleskine case." It’s actually a desk organizer, but I’m rather happy with the discovery that it will house my Moleskines perfectly, and with a touch of tradition. It’s made of a leather-like material that matches the oil-cloth covers and is perfectly sized to  secure most collections.


I picked mine up for only $7–a bargain price for any Moleskine aficionado. It’s part of the Snap-N-Store line of storage products. I contacted the manufacturer (Idea Stream Products) to see if they are available online. Sadly, they are only available in Staples stores.Neither that store nor the manufacturer sell them on the internet.


These pictures show how the case accommodates my books and how the set looks on the bookshelf over my desk. The product comes with a middle divider which I left out. The first large book is a Miquelrius journal followed by my Moleskine collection. Please forgive the glare on the pictures. I’m not much of a photographer and please note that the case isn’t as shiny as it may appear. It actually looks quite good in ambient light.


It adds an enjoyable accent to my Moleskines which seem all the more special to me when displayed with care. I’d love to hear about how everyone else keeps their journals.


Idea Stream Products

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