10 Ways To Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Afb"My brain is always working overtime.  I’m always thinking about
different things like if God is real, just how evil is our government, what
really is in a Dolly Madison Pie and do dogs dream in color.  However in coming
up with concepts for clients, I always find myself against a brick-wall.  I
especially have a hard time when it comes to creating, especially ones that are
really obscure.  For example, I’ve got to come up with a concept that goes with
the title "My husband has several women-friends whom he sees on a casual basis
from time to time…"

How the hell do you come up with a concept to illustrate for that?  Do
you draw a man messing around with a woman with a wedding ring and his wife
peeking over his shoulder?  That doesn’t work too well.  What about just having
some arrows pointing saying "THIS IS A HUSBAND HANGING OUT WITH HIS NON-WIFE

So when it comes to things like this, I do some creative
exercises to come up with some solutions.

Take a bath:  I know this sounds silly, but my best ideas come while I
take a bath.  This gives your brain to tear away from the project and you can
just let your mind wander while your refresh yourself.
Imagine you are the idea:  You can’t fully flesh something out if you
can’t empathize with it.  So before trying to coming up with some concepts, BE
the concept.  Once you’ve walked in the concept’s shoes, what can you utilize
from it?"

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