Dog-Eared Moleskine


"There I was sitting right next to the front door at the Apple Store in
Corte Madera, CA – The Village Mall – waiting for the Tiger Party to
start. And this little puppy chose my jacket to take a nap on. This is
my favorite. That’s my moleskine he’s got his head on."

"Dachsund Puppy at the Tiger Party 3"
Photo by Janet Tokerud
Moleskinerie @ FLICKR

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3 thoughts on “Dog-Eared Moleskine

  1. This is the single best thing to ever appear on this site. Can I have that dog??? Please??? Look at how cute his little PAWS are!!!! He is to die for! Forget the notebook – I want the Daschund!

  2. Aw, that’s what my long-haired dachshund looked like when she was a pup. (Alas, she lived 14 years but is now long gone.) Dachshunds are the best, and the puppies – irresistible.

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