Tools for serious readers?

"I like Levenger, sort of.
It’s a source for beautiful furniture, reasonably-priced fountain pens,
and dazzling (and, yes, unaffordable) watches. I’m sitting at a
Levenger carrel as I’m typing.

The problem with Levenger though
is its tendency to turn any human endeavor into a sham–a mere exercise
in conspicuous consumption. Consider its new product line:Bookography™, an array of reading-journals and accessories.

company slogan–"Tools for Serious Readers"–looks pretty ironic in
light of Bookography™. "It’s never too late–or too early," the
catalogue encourages us, "to start keeping a journal of the books
you’ve read and are planning to read, and the truths and pleasure you
take from them. We’ve found [sic!] a new and satisfying way to do so,
which we call your Bookography."

Oh, my very own Bookography™!…"

Michael Leddy
Orange Crate Art

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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